Let me describe Ecuador’s most visited coastal resort town called Salinas. I got there in 2 hours of driving from main city of Guayaquil with international airport. While staying in Salinas I discovered great street and beach food, an excellent restaurants and variety of delicious sea food. Also Salinas is good staring point to explore whole Santa Elena Province and offers modern accommodations facing ocean. While enjoying time there, I realized  it looks bit similar to Miami in US.


It’s good to know, that Ecuador is getting more attention from american and european surfers in recent years. But Salinas bay is very calm and more suitable for other water sports, fishing or bird and whale watching. In other words, don’t expect any surfing in Salinas, but nearby beaches offer great waves.


So you might be asking, what else to do there? Well, checkout my list below!

1. Try delicious Ecuadorian seafood

Most importantly, it’s not only about restaurants or street food. You can get fresh lobsters and crabs just right on the street. Really, Ecuadorian seafood is something you need to try in all forms.

ecuador salinas man selling shrimps


ecuador salinas man selling crab


2. Enjoy walks on the beach

Those who love walks should take an advantage of nice sand beaches. You can get up earlier to avoid strong sun and enjoy yourself in the morning. Or you can get your pets on board as well.

ecuador salinas beach morning walk


ecuador salinas panorama bay view


3. Find your favorite water sport

Salinas is not suitable for surfing, as you can see water on pictures. But this gives many opportunities for example like sailing on the yacht, jet skiing, banana boating, decent snorkeling or just swimming with friends.

ecuador salinas water skiing


ecuador salinas beach waves


4. Morning bird watching

Watching pelicans fishing was a stunning experience. That hard working pelicans made my day.

ecuador-salinas morning walk on the beach



ecuador salinas beach prohibido


5. Visit local restaurants

ecuador salinas restaurant ship


6. Stay in luxury hotel

You can get pretty cheap accommodation in local hostels and will provide decent services. But if you aren’t on budget, book luxury hotel with hilarious view to fully experience the town.

ecuador salinas luxury hotel


7. Appreciate Ecuadorian nature

ecuador salinas bay panorama


ecuador salinas flower beach


8. Look for interesting areas in Salinas

ecuador salinas hard life


ecuador salinas luxury car


9. Explore Salinas at night

ecuador salinas panorama night


ecuador salinas main street night cars lights


See how it looks in my video..


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